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Storm Creek's UPF Clothing Keeps You Outside All Summer

Storm Creek's UPF Clothing Keeps You Outside All Summer

Storm Creek has several clothing options with built-in UPF protection so you can stay outside and enjoy all your summer adventures (sunny, sweaty, sustainable!).

UPF is the acronym for Ultraviolet Protection Factor (kind of like SPF but for your clothes). Both UPF and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are measurements for how well a product blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Now, some of those rays are essential for our daily dose of Vitamin D—but a little goes a long way! 10-30 minutes of midday summer sun gives us all the Vitamin D we need daily depending on our skin type and geographical location. Beyond that, it’s important to protect our skin from too much direct sunlight (say no to sunburn! And worse – skin cancer…).

While high SPF lotions and sunscreens work well to block those rays, most are made with chemicals you may not want entering your body either. Clothing with built-in UPF is a great alternative—or it adds another layer of protection if you have especially sensitive skin. 

Here’s an overview of the clothing we offer with UPF protection. No matter what your favorite summer adventures entail, we have you covered—literally! Better yet, our entire line of UPF apparel is sustainable, using 4-20 recycled plastic bottles per garment, so you enjoy the outdoors and protect it.

Every item on this page has built-in 30+ UPF protection. Each comes in a men’s and women’s version.


UPF Clothing for Hiking and Camping

Hiking and camping require durable clothing that’s so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. But you also expect high performance—and for an added bonus, packable items you can stuff in your bag that pull out to look great with a simple shake.

Here are three Storm Creek garments you won’t want to leave home without on all your hiking and camping adventures:


Sightseer Short Sleeve Tee/Long Sleeve Tee/Hoodie

Our Sightseer styles work equally well for layering or alone for all-over sun protection that remains breathable. The ultra-stretchy fabric wicks moisture and has a subtle and stylish pinstripe so you’ll look good on the trail or in the campground. The hooded model offers even more sun protection for your head, ears and neck. Our new Short Sleeve Tee is equal parts sleek and practical with super breathability for fun activities on hot days.



Bodyguard Quarter Zip

A bit heavier than the Sightseer, the Bodyguard can easily layer or be worn alone. A subtle camo print adds to the outdoor theme and the hidden pocket conveniently stores small items like your car key and chapstick. The long sleeves are perfect for cooler temps while offering sun protection all day. Stretchable comfort? Yep, that too.


Naturalist Woven Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve

If you’re the button-up type, our Naturalist is the perfect choice for your active outdoor lifestyle. The breathable and quick-dry woven fabric features 4-way stretch for performance and comfort. The zippered chest pocket is a handy storage spot for small items. Available in both short-sleeve and long-sleeve, this is the ultimate wrinkle-free packable shirt you can take anywhere. And you can wear it right off the trail into the restaurant.


UPF Clothing for Boating 

Here in Minnesota, summer is for boating. Maybe it’s like that where you live too. Boating apparel needs to be comfortable and suitable for active arm and shoulder movement. And quick-dry fabric is a must because, after all, you’re wearing it on the water.

Whether you’re in a fishing boat, ski boat, pleasure boat, canoe, kayak or paddle board, the water reflects the sun’s UV rays and bounces them right back on you. That’s a great reason for optimal protection:


Pacesetter Quarter Zip and Hoodie

Our lusciously soft Pacesetter is a best-seller for good reason. It feels amazing, can be worn layered or alone and has unlimited stretch. Oh, and it comes in an array of gorgeous colors. The Hoodie offers extra sun protection for your neck, ears and head for those extra-long days in the boat.


Influencer Woven (Solid, Gingham, Windowpane and Microplaid)

Our popular Influencer Woven long-sleeve button-up is classy enough for the dockside restaurant but comfortable enough for a day on the water. The 4-way stretch moves with you and the wrinkle-free fabric makes it ready to go no matter where you’ve stashed it.



Unwinder Bamboo Polo

Another shirt that’s equally at home in a canoe, on the golf course or in the office is our Unwinder Polo. The lightweight and high-stretch fabric is a recycled polyester/bamboo viscose blend. It contains a subtle contemporary loop pattern and is highly breathable. The tailored collar gives it a bit of an upscale look.  


Optimist Polo

Our Optimist is made of quick-dry breathable fabric that looks seriously good with its micro-stripe pattern. Along with core colors always in style, we offer lovely seasonal colors too. A tailored collar completes the versatile look of this ultra-comfy polo.


UPF Clothing for Outdoor Sports

Being active outside is good for the body and good for the soul! Golf, tennis, pickleball, mini-golf, even playground days with the kids—we have a comfortable, sustainable, and stylish look for these activities too (And they won’t break the bank!):


Renewer Quarter Zip and Polo

Our Renewer styles are affectionally known around our office as “professional pajamas”—they’re THAT soft and cozy! And their blends of recycled poly and bamboo viscose look great on the course and for lunch in the Clubhouse afterward. The Quarter Zip is perfect for cool mornings and evenings while the Polo works for the mid-day heat. The tailored collars resist wilting and add to the classy look.


Activator Polo

The Activator has a fun colorblock style that looks great for all your sporting activities. It feels great too, with its stretch interlock fabric for easy shoulder movement and moisture-wicking freshness. As with all our polos, the women’s model features a more feminine blade collar while the men’s is a traditional polo collar design.



Visionary II Polo

Available in our core colors plus a few summer specials, the Visionary II is made from a classy-looking moisture-wicking high-stretch fabric you can wear all day for any activity. The colors look crisp wash after wash, paired with the women’s zip front and the men’s button front placket.


How to Care for Your UPF Clothing

As with all our apparel, proper care for garments with UPF sun protection is important so they look their best and perform to par as long as possible. Here are a few tips for daily care:


  • Don’t wash more than necessary. When you do launder them, use cold water and a gentle cycle. This minimizes stress on the fabric and prevents color fading.
  • Use a mild detergent, avoiding harsh chemicals like bleach and fabric softeners. These chemicals can break down the UV protection properties in the fabric.
  • Air dry out of direct sunlight if you can. If that doesn’t work for your space or lifestyle, drying on low heat is fine too.
  • Store your UPF garments in a dry place. Packing them in too tightly in a drawer or your closet can affect the fabric’s structure, so store them loosely when possible.


A common question with UPF clothing is: How long does the UV protection last?

The answer to that depends on a few factors. The more a garment is exposed to the sun’s rays and the more it’s washed, the sooner that added UV protection will wear off. Like anything that’s out in the bright, hot summer sun for long periods, fabric will eventually degrade. 

You can expect high-quality UPF apparel to perform well for 2-3 years when you care for it as we suggested above. Look for noticeable thinning of the fabric, color fading and loss of elasticity as signals to replace a garment for something new.


*   *   *   *   *


You don’t need to let your worries about sun exposure keep you from doing all the activities you love this summer. You just need to take the proper precautions to keep your skin protected.

One of those precautions is to wear UPF clothing. When you choose Storm Creek apparel, you’re not just protected well—you look and feel amazing while you wear it!


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