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Storm Creek CEO, Teresa Fudenberg's Journey: A Nonlinear Path to Success

Storm Creek CEO, Teresa Fudenberg's Journey: A Nonlinear Path to Success

In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate the remarkable journey of Teresa Fudenberg, CEO of Storm Creek, whose path to success has been anything but linear. From her childhood days spent soaking up her father's business wisdom to her pioneering role as a visionary entrepreneur, Teresa's story is a testament to the power of mentorship, resilience, and the pursuit of purpose.


The Influence of Mentorship: From Dinner Discussions to Business Banter

Teresa's journey began with the invaluable mentorship of her father, whose weekly dinner discussions at Chi-Chi's sparked her interest in sales and marketing from a young age. These early lessons instilled in her a passion for entrepreneurship and laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Teresa and her dad Ross

Embracing the Nonlinear Path: Lessons Learned Along the Way

Throughout her journey, Teresa embraced the guidance of mentors who offered diverse perspectives and experiences. From her father's entrepreneurial spirit to the dedication of mentors like Jacquie Berglund, Teresa learned to navigate the ups and downs of her career with resilience and determination.

In fact, Teresa's passion for giving back was sparked when her colleague and friend, Jacquie Berglund, introduced her to the St. Paul Jaycees in 1988. Despite women not being allowed to serve on the foundation just four years earlier, Teresa was determined to make a difference. Inspired by the trailblazing efforts of two St. Paul women who fought for gender equality in the group, Teresa later served on the board, contributing to various community projects in the St. Paul metropolitan area.

The St. Paul Jaycees

Early Career and Entrepreneurship

On Your Mark…Inc.

In a world where resumes often paint a linear path of success, there are individuals who defy the norm and set out to create their own unique formula, and Teresa was one of them. She started her first business, On Your Mark…Inc., in 1992 where she saw an opportunity to use her God-given talents of marketing and brand building, in addition to her high energy and excitement, to help other businesses excel in the changing landscape of 1990s marketing.

It all began with a bold press release that caught the attention of the media and sparked curiosity among professionals. So much so that the Star Tribune featured it on the front page business section, and within the month, she had secured 20 contracts. “This is where the power of PR comes in,” says Teresa. As her approach brand building gained traction, the company started to make waves in the healthcare industry – where Teresa found her second passion in health and fitness.

The Star Tribune Press Release

At the heart of On Your Mark's success story lies a steadfast commitment to core values. By harnessing her talent for storytelling, Teresa found her niche in working with like-minded individuals who shared her vision of making a positive difference in the world. Through strategic partnerships, On Your Mark evolved into a powerhouse of creativity, innovation, and social impact.

Teresa continued to challenge the status quo of traditional career trajectories, and as her life evolved, so did her passions and career path. She set out to craft a formula that would encompass her roles as a now-mother, spouse, and businesswoman. With a burning desire to create a harmonious blend of personal and professional fulfillment, she took the leap of faith and launched Mom Camp in 2004 with her business partner Mary Kay DuChene.


Mom Camp

After a busy summer shuttling kids to various camps, Teresa and Mary Kay found themselves pondering a different kind of camp experience. "We joked about how we should have camps for ourselves," Teresa recalls. At the time, Teresa was working as a marketing consultant, while Mary Kay was a life coach. They recognized the tendency of busy moms and women to neglect self-care, prioritizing the needs of others over their own well-being. Teresa emphasizes, "Many women don't realize that taking care of themselves is crucial for nurturing those around them."

Teresa and co-founder, Mary Kay

Thus, Mom Camp was born—a series of engaging events and breakout sessions designed to address various aspects of women's lives. These sessions covered a wide range of topics, including body image, fashion trends, exercise, entrepreneurship, and healthy cooking. Mom Camp's programming was built around eight core areas of women's interests and needs: home, life's work, finances, community, spirituality, health and wellness, family, and social relationships.

As Teresa delved into Mom Camp, she found herself aligning her passions and expertise in marketing and entrepreneurship with her desire to empower and support women, sparking a realization that her journey was leading her towards a purpose-driven path.


Aligning Passion with Purpose at Storm Creek

As fate would have it, after meeting Doug Jackson, the founder of Storm Creek, she realized she found a place that could merge her professional skills with her commitment to making a positive impact, creating a space where passion and purpose intersected seamlessly.

Doug and Teresa

They joke that their dating days were more like 20 Questions than dating. Doug says, “One of the questions was all about giving. I told her Storm Creek was started with that idea—we’re going to use it to give. She just lit up with that concept.”

Together, they transformed the company into a women-owned enterprise, with Teresa holding a majority share. Their shared vision of giving back and making a positive impact on communities fueled their commitment to success.

At the heart of Storm Creek's mission is a dedication to giving back to those in need. Teresa and Doug are committed to donating 5% of the company's profits to philanthropic causes, with a goal of contributing $5 million by 2030. Through initiatives like the Storm Creek Community Fund and partnerships with local and national non-profits, they ensure that their impact reaches far and wide.


A Vision for the Future: Making a Difference Together

In celebrating Teresa's journey, we honor not only her achievements but also the transformative power of mentorship, resilience, and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As we reflect on Women’s History Month, may we draw inspiration from Teresa's story and strive to make a difference in our own lives and communities.


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